Agility Course

One of the first things we did when we started at the centre was to make a start on our 'Horse Agility Course'. 

We have added to it piece by piece and made some substantial obstacles including a bridge and now a seesaw. 

The beauty if having this facility is that it really helps the more nervous horses start to have fun with humans as well as teaching us humans how difficult it is for a horse to understand what it is we are trying to communicate.

All training/play starts on the ground and eventually the obstacles are ridden too but more importantly the horses and handlers have fun and enjoy spending time together.

We often forget how clever these beautiful animals are and how much they can teach us about ourselves too.

Come along and join in when you visit.... fresh air, keeping fit, beautiful views and all in the presence of a wonderful majestic animal ...... nor not if you work with Wee Gus.

We plan to hold 'Horse Agility Events' at some point...


Zoe with Vic

Vic is 17hh and 12 yrs old. Vic has done very little in his life and was scared of everything... and more. Its taken a while and lots of games and now he happily plays over any of the obstacles and can now think and cope with different things.

Holly with the beautiful Ellie

This lovely girl, Ellie, has now found a lovely new home and is taking part in endurance rides and enjoying every minute in her wonderful new home... A real success story.


Volunteer Your Time

My girl Cyder and a rare photo of Susan...

This girl came to us with some scary behaviour issues, charging, biting, kicking, rearing & a few others....

Gordon bought her for Susan's birthday in 2017 and at the time she thought that he was trying to get rid of her by buying a horse that wants to kill her.

We have had such fun and shes turned into a lovely friendly girl....