Birthdays @ The 3 R's

Have a fun filled few hours with the horses


Hold your birthday party here at the yard. 

Start - Spend time with our Guinea Pigs in their playpen feeding and grooming them. Meet S

Wee Sophie & Denzil and see how the birds are getting on in the aviary.


Option 1 - Bring the horses in, learn how to groom them, lead them and take them to the agility course for a play.

Option 2 -   you can head up the hill and spend some time with the herds up there 

Once back in the yard you can have your birthday goodies and some games in the yard .



Goodies & Cake (not provided)

End - You finish off by learning to saddle up and mounting and we have some games for you to play while on board.

We can accommodate up to 8 and of all ages.

You can change this to suit what you want to do....

Prices start from £20 per person taking part, others welcome to watch and help out if they like. 

Usually takes about 3 hours...

Happy birthday.png


To Book please email us with a date and number in your party and if there is anything else you would like to do.

The yard can be decorated before hand just let us know what you need.