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 One of the first things we did when we started at the centre was to make a start on our 'Horse Agility Course'. 

We have added to it piece by piece and made some substantial obstacles including a bridge and now a seesaw. 

We often forget how clever these beautiful animals are and how much they can teach us about ourselves too.


Come along and A unique experience here at the centre. 

Start by preparing your horse, learn to put a halter on and spend time grooming.

A short walk up to the arena and try your hand at our agility course...

Its great fun, bridges, see-saws, loops, mats, trailers, and lots more..

Finish with completing the course while timed and receive a rosette for your efforts.

  • Price - £20 per person.

  • Accompanying persons over 6 yrs are £10 per person and must be paid for as part of the booking. This is an activity for all ages although any children under 10 must be supervised by parent/carer. 

  • Children are welcome to play on the agility course while their parents have an attempt. 

  • All visitors under 18 yrs must be accompanied by a parent as part of the booking.

  • Activity lasts approximately 1 hour.



THE 3  R's HORSE RESCUE CENTRE. SCO47724 (T) 07876 593 868