Founding Members 

The 3 R's is a life long dream and passion for both Susan & Gordon. They have been lucky enough to have the support and help of their families and friends and an ever increasing group of volunteers that work tirelessly to make the centre that wonderful, fun, supportive and inclusive place it is. 

The 3 R's is a place for all. If you enjoy being with horses and meet people from all walks of life then come along ....

Each and every one of us have unique skills and the passion to move the work of our Non-Profit Organization, The 3 R's  forward.

The 3 R's won the D & G Life Awards in 2018 


Susan & Gordon


Partners and founding members of The 3 R's. Over the years we have formulated our unique way of working with horses, based on traditional horsemanship methods that are so old it's new again! 

No horse is 'written off', it just needs to find its place and enjoy being a partner rather than a possession.

We work alongside the herd to rehabilitate horses in the most natural way possible ... come and see and experience what we do...


Fundraiser & Committee Member

Nicky joined The 3 R's from very beginning. She is the driving force behind most of our fundraising events, coming up with new and novel ideas all the time. Along with the rest of the team she works tirelessly to raise the profile of The 3 R's and takes part in public appearances and any local events.



Fundraiser & Committee Member

Anneliese has been part of The 3 R's team for a number of years now and actively helps in all aspects of the centre, she helps with the introduction of new horses, exercising and with all our fundraising events.
She can be seen out and about with our very own ex Police Horse 'Glasgow'.



Committee Member

Zoe has been involved with the 3 R's since the beginning. 

She is seen out and about with her own boy 'Mac' helping raise awareness and much need funds for the centre.



Works with the horses




Works with the horses


Committee Member/Volunteer

My name is Hayley. I've always had a soft spot for horses,

I did riding lessons as a kid and really enjoyed it but as I grew older I sort of drifted from it.

I first joined the 3 R's as an excuse to see family more often, as a few family members now volunteer for them.

I got roped into helping at a few events & I quickly fell I love with the horses, the volunteers and the environment and I've just never left.

Everyone is so helpful & supportive of each other and its not only helped my confidence on and around the horses but my children's confidence as well.

The work they all do with these animals is amazing and I'm so glad to be part of that team.

My children have now taken on their own ponies to work with and I have the privilege of sharing a beautiful horse with another volunteer, so we now spend the majority of our spare time at the 3 R's and if I'm honest I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm still learning but I've already increased my knowledge of horses and riding so much, and I'm hoping with the help from the other guys at the centre to increase my riding skills, and hopefully in the future learn how to drive a horse and cart too.

I think my favourite part about the 3 R's is our outings, it's always a great atmosphere and it feels amazing to get donations from doing something that we love.