A beautiful start to the week

Well the teachers are all starting back to work today after the summer break and of course Lockdown. That includes Susan... Shes off to school like a spoilt wain suckin her thumb (& shes the teacher!!!). Oh well that leaves me here with all this to deal with .... I'll struggle along...

I have the best company up here, all enjoying the fresh morning air. Grooming sessions all round and of course Dell Boy and Rodney (the Donkeys) in the middle of everyone...

These lot were at the top where I normally find them at this time. As the day goes on they move down to the flatter land and if the flies or heat get too much they come back up to stand in the breeze.

After all these years I have noticed a pattern in how the horses behave while on the hill and what effect the weather has on where they are on the hill at a certain time of day.

The hill is the best therapy we have for the horses. This is where they start their stay with us and they learn to be a horse, socialise as a horse, source food as a horse..... we often describe it 'like kids in the playground', they pick their pals and sort out the pecking order. We often have more than one herd on the hill and they live very separately.

The horses 'fix' horses for us, an aggressive horse feels safe and becomes calm and trusting the same with nervous horses they have their pals to encourage and comfort them.

I'm up here twice a day and they all come for their sweeties 'extra strong mints', there's never any pushing and shoving they just calmly stand until they get a pat, a look over and a sweetie then off they go.. if they don't come they don't get a sweetie. You will see the newbies standing back having nothing to do with me then after a few days they start to approach. I don't go to them, I wait until they come to me.

Our policy here at the centre is that if I cant walk up to a pony and slip a halter on without it moving away then its not ready to start work..... (obviously if medical care required then we herd them all down into the yard)

Hope you've enjoyed this wee introduction to part of my day. Ask questions and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading


Oh and look at this for one weird photo

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