A Happy Birthday AND a sunny day

A great day at the yard, it was Hayley's birthday as well as the first day this week its not rained.....

This week wasnay one for a stab (fence post) to be out in, but there's me heading for the hill, rain horizontal , could hardly see in front of me but no problem finding the horses as all bums to the wind sheltering behind the dykes... Start of lockdown we were soaking wi sweat and now soaking wi rain.. guddlin troot doon the sheuck o ma erse (even the troot is fed up being wet).

Glasgow, the big woose was standing shivering so he came in for his breakfast and left wi his rug on... so did the others rite enough... and I've even had to buy a new pair o leggings.

I've had a wee change this week, I was back to the old job working wi sheep and oh joy it was great NOT. One batch this week was a flock of Shetland sheep. In my opinion the only place Shetland sheep should be is on Shetland nowhere near me. Its like herding cats they go everywhere all at once, if they cannay jump a dyke they just go through it...one ewe jumped the dyke, got hankit in the electric fence but it was down to me to climb the dyke to turn the fence off, Ewe unstuck and turned electric back on ..... strange how some dykes are bigger from the other side..... and it couldnt rain any harder... Heres me straddlying the dyke in the horizontal rain, with electric wire in close vicinity of 'my 'pen knife', had to shout on my able assistant, Mark, to come with quad bike so I could climb down on to it... Marks great he really takes his time over certain things... especially health and safety I'm sure he wrote a risk assessment before 'rushing' to my aid!

Two days of sheep work done and dusted and back to the tranquillity of the 3 R's.... with still horizontal rain, leaking roofs, soggy horses and dogs and only myself to talk to... It was that wet I couldnay even take a photo!

Looking forward to a lovely quiet weekend !!

Then today happened, nothing quiet about it. Certainly Autumn has started as a bit chilly to start. Then the peace was shattered as the volunteers started to appear.

We had one resident off to his new home and a few others brought down to the yard for a tidy up and a play. Suz drove up the hill to introduce wee Finlay and his Mum to the horses. Cause of her gammy leg Suz was just driving and Zoe, Anneliese and Regan were in charge of wee Finlay and his Mum as well as bringing 3 horses down.. I was mighty relieved to see them all appear back with no injuries or breakages phew.... I do have every faith in them........

The brains, Mark & Siana arrived then Nicky and wee Beth appeared just at the same time as the birthday girl (Hayley) .Beth & Tommi had a wee thing going last weekend but she was playing 'hard to get' today and I think Tommi has been chucked....he didnay seem to bothered and now Beth's affections have turned to Parker who loudly informed her that he already has a girlfriend ... that was as Beth was trying to hug him (looked like a headlock to me).... I told him love can hurt sometimes..

The 3 of them were quite happy filling the trailer on the wee push tractor wi shit and delivering it to the midden ... kept them entertained for ages.

Orlagh had a lessom wi Mum on Merrick and announced that Merrick had 'jumped the gate' .... I had visions of Orlagh wrpped round the gate and Merrick heading for the hills but no the gate was on the ground and he walked over it..... brains would gie me a heartattack. Orlagh then had a lesson wi Grannie Suz on how to steer a pony, wi Suz being the pony (complete wi gammie leg) .. not sure Orlagh learnt very much but it was highly entertaining for the rest of us!!

The squad went out a wee 'birthday' hack to Cairholly ... not sure they really enjoyed it as Mac (Zoe) was in a 'mood', MacTavish (Regan) had a head shacking day, Honey (Harriet) refused to go across the brig but at least the birthday girl wi Diesel had a lovely wee wander.... alls well that ends well and we got some great photos too.... enjoy everyone and give us some feedback on the blogs..