Baywatch 3 R's style (more like the Tumbleweeds)

Sorry I've not had a lot of time this week and this post is from our antics on Sunday when we took Glasgow with Anneliese, Mac with Zoe & Reo with Harriet to the beautiful Cardoness Beach.... and Regan armed and dangerous as lifeguard wi his rubber ring!

We eventually managed to get them organised and away we went for the morning tide 10.30am... and for once the tide was actually in, makes a difference when we turn up at the correct time.

Once we got the riders mounted, no easy feat I must remind you. Anneliese has got wise and goes armed with a step ladder (yes a proper step ladder), so once she works out what direction shes coming from she on with no problem.. Zoe is like a board and '1,2,3 jump' only happens in her head and it takes me a few days for my back to recover. Harriet disappears round a corner and comes back on board so I dont ask!! We had a lovely stroll down to the shore.

Once on the beach our big brave police horse Glasgow, turned into a whimp. Eyes out on stocks, snorting at everything and terrified to go forward on his own. Mac for once was actually big and brave on the sand but the water was obviously far too cold for his wee toes. Rio needed a bit of convincing but wasn't long until Harriet and him were in.

I ended up soaked to the knees after having to lead Glasgow into the sea. Once he was in he then decided to dig holes and soak everyone...Zoe baled off and decided the only way Mac was going in was if she led him... hes about 16.2hh and shes 5ft' so she was swimming long before his belly was even wet... Harriet and Reo were having a ball and once all 3 were in they were having a wee trot and canter along the shore line. Regan was bopping about in his rubber ring ignoring everyone. Suz was hobblying about on the beach (wi gammy knee) shouting instructions as usual (nobody listening as usual)

At one point I thought we were gonna lose them as they came cantering by, getting faster and faster and at one point I was sure Glasgow was heading back to the trailer but thankfully Anneliese got him pulled up. Just a quick check to make sure no sandcastles wrecked and all kids present and correct, phew. I thought I'd better ask if everyone OK.... smiles on their faces but I wasnt sure if it was terror or happiness. Anneliesse announced 'I was sh***ing myself' and her saddle had disappeared up her behind with only the stirrups visible... I was content she was alright as she was still speaking and the other 2 were gibbering like demented budgies so they were fine too. Harriet said it was the best day out so far... she's so easy pleased and says that everytime (I think she forgets)...

We attracted quite a crowd and the weather was great. Something we all enjoy talking to anyone that wants to come and see the horses... Susan can talk for Scotland.

Thought we'd better head back to the yard. Regan was turning blue and his rubber ring was starting to deflate. All 3 riders looked like wrinkled prunes by this point but the horses were beautifully clean.

I had a new experience on the way back. Harriet trying to be kind decided to feed me one of her very favourite biscuits..... that girl obviously doesn't have taste buds they were minging!!!

Thanks to the team at Cardoness for allowing us to come down .....

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