Happy Birthday Hack Out

So it was decided that I had to be ready and raring to go for 9am Sunday morning so that I could take this bunch to Dalbeattie....

So here's me, at the yard for 7, got all their horses in ready for them and they rock up about 8.45..... and we were still late leaving .... honestly the army have less bother going on maneuvers than these lot trying to get organised.

Off we set, eventually, Dalbeattie bound. Me with the 4 horses and Suz and the crew with a jeep and trailer with quad bike... (well Suz cannay ride yet so we decided that we would be the Health & Safety Team on the quad)... for once we were prepared for any stupidity from this bunch..

Once parked, unloaded, tacked, mounted, jackets on, jackets off, hi viz on, we headed off. We had an extra recruit today Saffie (not her real name) with The gorgeous Legend.... she tends to be the sensible one even though shes well younger than the rest... so there was hope for today being ok...

The forest was clear and off we went. Me driving quad, Suz on back facing backwards videoing... we got some great footage of the team, Mac was in racehorse form wi Patsie hinging on, The Legend was taking it cool with Saffie in charge, Glasgow proved to Eddie that he was no PC Plod and Bubbles and Reo were just smiling and bobbing along at the back... Reo is far smaller than the other dafties and his wee legs have to work twice as hard..

We had some off road action wi the quad round the loch,,, I wasnay very sure if we cld get round but we did.. Patsie gave Suz & I directions to get back to the car park so that we could hair off and get the chips from the chip shop but as usual her right and left are as bad as Suz but we found a lovely biker that very kindly showed us the rite way back..

Off to chippy only to discover it was SHUT... total disaster. So into shop to buy goodies to stop them from moaning (or eating one another) until we could get to CD for the chips.

Once back at the yard, everyone fed including horses, horses washed and turned out everyone just flopped!!! They went from gibbering eejits to 'lights on but nobody in' in a matter of minutes.. It was reported that Eddie was bedded by 8pm, Patsie wasnay much better, Saffie went home ill and Bubbles was still knackered on Monday.... These youngyins have no stamina..

The horses are all fine by the way..

Happy birthday Bubbles... birthdays do get more painful as you get older lol

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