Kilt Ride Roon The Watter

What a great day and a great turnout too. Not sure how many we had take part but I was quite stunned when I drove up and discovered that I couldnt get parked for other jeeps and trailers... As per usual it took us ages to get sorted. Getting horses dressed, us lot dressed, Haggis and his dad Bradley dressed and on board was no mean feat. Only 40 mins late and we were all ready. Suz got herself squashed (well most of her) into her outfit, resurrected her hat that someone had sat on on the way there, and clambered on to the cart and we were ready for the off.

So the Tartan Army hit Gatehouse and again we had a great turnout of people as we wandered down the main street.

No idea how long it took us but it was just great meandering along having a blether to folk and the horses were very well behaved too.

Thanks to Bruce and Cammy for being our 'outriders'.

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