Melting in ma breeks

Well today was unreal heat wise and hardly a breath of air even on the hill.

I was met by the majority of the 'hill lot' down in cross country field and the rest in the memorial field but they weren't long in moving back up the hill as the heat increased.

One thing in this weather is constantly on the look out for adders as they are more alert and mobile in this heat but thankfully the horses seem to be wise to them and I only saw 2 today.. (just as well Suz wasnt about!!)

Usually I'm met at the shed gate by the four big ones, Glasgow, Mac, Murphy & Jude, wanting their breakfast but even they couldnay be bothered coming in, they were lying flat out so I just left them be.

It was a day that I didnt need to try to break sweat it happened just breathing..... as the saying goes 'a could guddle troot in the shuck o ma erse' ....... and all this before breakfast time.

All the bairns started back to school today... I hope Jay got the blue paint scraped off his legs in time and Tommi had enough to eat in his piece box ... I'll get peace from that bunch for a couple of days.

We have 2 ponies heading off to their new homes next week so the vet was up giving them the once over before they head away. Both a clean bill of health and all but a good grooming needed before they leave, maybe even a bath... I'll leave that to my able helpers at the weekend.

Haggis has been on strike today and stayed at home in the cool...

Ralph is still abandoned on the hill after running out of diesel on Sunday (Suz!!), we were rescued by Zoe, having arrived without breaking anything for once, only to have the wing mirror of my new (to me) jeep knocked off by Purdie rubbing her bum......gutted I was... so the plan tomorrow will have to include bringing Ralph back down.

I hadnay the energy for much more today.... heres hoping tomorrows a bit cooler... See ya.G

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