My Boys and Me at The 3 R's...

Hello! I'm Hayley, I was asked to help my son Jay write today's blog but, of course, after a busy day at the 3 R's, xbox seems to be more important than 'homework' as he put it haha.

Today's plan was pretty simple, head up to the 3R's, I was to bring Diesel in, Jay was to bring in Pumpkin and we were going a little hack with Nana (Zoe) walking and Brodie biking for extra support.

It didn't exactly go to plan, but it did work out for the better. So we set off to bring the horses in, Pumpkin didn't want to play today and ended up grounded so we needed a quick change of plan and luckily enough the wonderful Winston was close to the gate so he came in for a pamper and got kitted out for his 3rd ever outing!

I am sharing Diesel with another volunteer, Nicky. but due to other responsibilities she hasn't been able to get on him as much as I have so she basically got shoved on him while we waited for everyone else to get kitted out. It may have been a while since she had ridden but she is definitely a natural.

With Jay on Winston & Robyn on McT, I jumped on Diesel and off we went on a hack to Laggan with our walkers Nana Zoe, Anneliese, Laura, Brodie on his bike and my wee dog Ruby. We made it about half way to Laggan when Jay decided he'd had enough. so him, Nana, Brodie and Ruby turned round and headed back to the yard. While me, Robyn, Anneliese and Laura headed slightly further down the road. As it was unusually busy with cars (thankfully they were very respectful) we decided to turn back before we got to laggan aswell. As usual a day at the 3 R's has successfully tired out everyone in this house, including the dog.

As you may know already Winston has only just started being backed, Zoe has been working with him but he's still a baby and he still has a lot to learn (he still hasn't got the hang of steering yet for example) , Jay is basically the same, he's only recently started riding and also has a lot to learn too. But today they seemed to make a great pair! Jay said he really enjoyed today and it seems to have helped him gain a little more confidence. He also said he like the idea of learning with Winston, so I think poor Nana may be losing another horse to her grandsons. Jay and Pumpkin will always be the dream team but I definitely think Jay and Winston will be one to watch!

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