Rain Rain and more Rain

Wednesday was a day to remember if you like rain and floods, even ma new leggings burst! It was unreal.. Inside job it was then... Tidied out tack room, trying to find space in amongst all the stuff we're storing for the shop and sort out what we need for the coming weekend & our Roon the Watter Kilt Walk. Got home at a reasonable time for a change but decided we'd better go along for a final check before dark as the rain had never stopped. By this point the A75 was closed to vehicles due to floods and a landslide just along from us.

Suz and I headed out and were met by the Police. They were looking for some nutter that had abandoned his car in a flood and was on walkabout wearing just shorts, tshirt and trainers. Considering this was a night only fit for ducks I didnay fancy his chances. Police were obviously worried about him cause next thing we had helicopter and search lights prowling about.... great to see and we heard the next day he'd been found safe and well.. so all good.

Thursday was farrier day and a wee visit from Graeme, always a laugh, I'm sure his days are as daft as mine. Thats us all ready for Roon the Watter on Sunday wi a squad shod and trimmed just the outfits to sort now.

Friday was another wet day so once all fed and checked I had the trailers and lorry to get ready .... that took me all afternoon. Anyone needing any 2nd tack please call as I'm sick o moving it back and forward... Also anyone any ideas with what to do with old (not useable) saddles let me know.. I need a project..

That brings me up to today. And guess what it was raining AGAIN!

I got a complaint from Zoe, Anneliese and Harriet as my blogs are proving embarrassing for them (truth hurts sometimes) I've to give them an alias .... rite so from now on Zoe is Patsy, Anneliese is Eddie and Harriet is Bubbles..so from now on you have no idea who I'm talking about... maybe need one for Hayley, Anna and Nicky as it looks like they're getting brave enough to join the eejits...

So today was supposed to be a very productive day. NOT. I managed all my jobs but the rest o them yapped in the shed keeping dry most of the time... saying that Eddie did manage to clean her saddle, Nicky too. Patsy helped wi stables, Bubbles was official saddle fitter and instructor as she gave Hayley a lesson while the rest o them hid behind the dyke watching...

I was trimming Honeys feet when I was rudely interrupted wi a skrek from one of the stables and here's everyone almost rolling about laughing as Susan (who was trying to trim Glasgow's lugs) managed by some feat of imagination to stick the 'very' sharp scissors in her own head.... rushed over to see if I could 'help' (join in) didn't come as much of a surprise ... it is Susan after all... and at least Glasgow was all right.. Thought I was gonna have to administer 1st aid by putting pressure of the gushing wound but by the time I found it Suz was threatening me wi the scissors...Maybe should look for a carer for her she's a danger to hersel and others.. (the person wld need good life insurance and be deaf).

Eddies face was a picture, wasnay because of what happened to Suz but because of what Suz was trying to do to Glasgow... epic.. Still all's well Glasgow has 2 lugs and a lovely pulled mane and Suz is sporting some pink streaks...

The rest of the day was a kind of a non event.. I cleaned Pat and Stans Tack, Haggis louped on to the table and knocked my case of 128 drill bits on the floor ... only found 127 but the other is probably inserted up Haggis backside as he hit the floor... nae doot I'll get it back later.

Bubbles made a lovely cake, shes really good at this baking carry on although Patsy ate most of it and I only got a sniff.

Roll on tomorrow... See you all at the Roon The Watter Kilt Ride... I'm away to hoke oot the kilt. One good thing though is that at long last Suz has realised that there is no way she is gonna fit into her Tartan creation of a few years ago but nae doot what explosion will appear tomorrow...

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