The Happy Hackers Sunday Outing

Never written one of these so this will be grammatically incorrect and it will be spelling mistake mad so enjoy....

Yvie, Zoe, Clover, Mac, Reo and I (Harriet) went on and exciting adventure!!

Only got a little bit lost but rode out across the hills nearly to the telephone masts. Everything started off going a bit wrong Ace was not quite herself or happy with her saddle so we put her back and dragged poor Reo out the field and tacked him up and set off... Mac enjoys giving Zoe some good turns and was on top form this morning, a mile or so in things went fair pear shaped as he spun put his head down, dropped his shoulder and caused Zoe to have a slightly undignified dismount. Into a ditch!! (Up to her erse in glar)

Luckily everyone completely fine, Zoe got legged back up and Mac then carried on with our adventure as if nothing had ever happened (and impeccably well behaved).

We rode past the actors cottage and away up into the hills. The hillsides were starting to turn purple which was beautiful. There were a few places where it got a bit boggy but we found a good route round and plan on having another adventure next week (after I've moved house!). This was the first ride I'd been on in 5 weeks since one of my delightful crew stamped my big toe so it was well needed. Horses and riders all smiling by the time we returned to the yard. cont......

The best photo of the day lol

The fun was not over for the day we then went on a little hack out away to Laggan.

Zoe rode Winston (once he managed to get up that is... see photo) the whole way he stopped when he was asked too but perhaps needs a little bit of work on his steering but for his first proper ridden hack he was fabulous.

Hayley took Diesal who was impeccably well behaved, Sarah lead Murph and I took Honey. Ruby came along too to make sure we all behaved. Honey has just returned to work after having some of the 3rs rehab treatment away up the hill.

She was aloud to be a horse up there and found her calling first with her herd of shetlands and after her two donkey friends. She rode out with confidence and is absolutely testiment to letting horses breath and just be horses for a while!!

Great day though Zoe has a stiff shoulder from her undignified dismount, Sarah will be napping from having had such a long walk, Hayley will have a doggo who wont get out of bed tomorrow and as for Susan.... Well we will let her tell you about that for another day!!

Thanks for Reading folks....

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