Our extended family

Meet some of the special people and families that have given our beautiful residents a new forever future. 

We class them all as our extended family and love getting updates. Thanks to you all....

Meet Mac & Zoe



Its nearly coming up for a full year since we first brought Mac to the 3Rs.


Saw him in a advert,17 year old ,stunning big ginger horse.


I remember picking him up, Gordon, Susan Yvie and Myself all went to get him, It was a dark wet November night. Got him back to the yard and into a stable for the night , little did I realise he would be stabled for the rest of the winter being fed and looked after.

As you can see from the photos once his rug was off he didn’t look anything like the photos we had seen of him. He wasn’t much interested in anything at all just plodded about the place

Its very sad to see how much a rug hides what’s happening underneath!


In the next stable to Mac there was another older horse Murphy who Gordon was really worried about, Murphy had given up, he wouldn’t eat and couldn’t be bothered with anything. Within a few days Murphy and Mac became inseparable, joined at the hip. Murphy also started eating and the pair of them eventually had a bit of a spark coming through. This pair together certainly helped each other over the winter. Once they started getting a bit of energy they would strut their stuff in the field running riot but they would always come in at night when Gordon shouted to get their tea.

They ruled the yard for a while always getting into something they shouldn’t.

I couldn’t ride Mac for a long time but eventually he had put some weight on and his personality was coming through, I got him tacked up and walked him up to the big arena where everyone else was. Got through the gate ready to get on him and he took off, without me, tack included and did about 30 laps of the big arena at top speed, needless to say I did not get on him that day!

Eventually I got my brave pants on and jumped on. The 1st time he went into canter in the small arena I hadn’t a clue what he was doing, but I now know this was him doing dressage, I've never done dressage before so that was a bit hilarious.

First trip out to Cally woods was kinda exciting and frightening as well. Was the 1st time Mac could really go for it and he did. The power he has is amazing and you can feel him come alive, we even bet Legend The race horse, Susan says this was just a fluke

Mac and Me also went with The 3Rs on their tour round the towns ,I thought we would go once and never be allowed again but Mac loved every bit of this, he loved the attention from the people and stood for anyone that wanted to clap him, he was the best behaved out of all the horses and I couldn’t have asked for anymore of him.


I can’t thank Gordon enough for looking after Mac and getting him to where he is now and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help, Susans and the help of all the volunteers at The 3 R's.

Mac loves his life up there, he falls in love with every mare that’s there but the weirdest was he fell for 2 male donkeys and wouldn’t let any other horse near them, the donkeys however couldn’t care less.

Mac goes from strength to strength and joined 2 others atthe very top of 'The Hill' on New Years Day.... a fantastic way to start 2021..


Rocco Rehomed 2019

I rehomed Rocco almost a year ago now and what an absolute star this boy has been . When I first went to meet him I could tell Susan and everyone at the 3 R's always have the best interests of the horses in mind and would always make the rehoming decision based on the best match for the horse.


They are very honest and know everything about the horses they put up for rehoming. Luckily Susan immediately spotted a connection between me and Rocco and she wasn't wrong.


We just clicked straight away and he hasn't put a hoof wrong since we've had him. Most people would have to search high and low for a wee horse like Rocco so he was a very lucky find for me.


His manners and temperament are a credit to everything the 3 R's stands for.


Unfortunately due to covid we haven't made it to as many competitions as we would have liked but from the handful we managed earlier in the year Rocco has never failed to win me a ribbon or two . Roll on 2021!