The 3 R's Horse Rescue Centre

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At The 3 R's Horse Rescue Centre, we offer a safe haven for horses and ponies from all walks of life. 

  • We take in neglected and dangerous horses and ponies and work towards finding them a forever home.

  • Some owners circumstances change and through no fault of their own need to find a new home quickly for their horses.

  • We offer grazing for horses that are recovering from injury and just need some 'time out' to be a horse.

  • We can help find new homes for owners not wanting to sell and keep in touch with their horse or pony.

We are available for all of the above but numbers are restricted.

The 3 'R' s

The 1st 'R' - Rescue Horses and Ponies

We bring in horses from all over the UK. Each horse is assessed on its health and needs. Most are turned away on the hill to come to terms with the changes and meet the gang. Any needing more intense care are kept down near the yard.
Gordon is in contact with the horses at least twice a day as well as visits from our volunteers and anyone on our Horse Safari.

The 2nd 'R' Rehabilitation & Retraining

Part of our rehabilitation process at the centre is our agility course. This really builds a horses confidence and a great relationship with handler. People all of a sudden are fun and interesting and nothing hurts. 

Like dog agility but with horses..

When the horses are comfortable with all this, we then start their ridden career and most are trained to pull the cart too.

We are often asked to help owners that are having an issue with their horse and just need some guidance. We can come to you and help with things like trailer loading and field behaviour.

The 3rd 'R' - Rehome

Once we feel we know the horses well enough, we offer them for rehoming.

They are posted on our Facebook page and people are invited to book an appointment to view.

You can come along at any time to visit the centre by contacting Gordon on 07856508157 or Susan on 07876593868.

During COVID we do not encourage anyone to visit unless they have a specific horse or pony they want to see.

Please use our form to describe what you are looking for.